History of the carving masters

2006: Year of founding of the Frozen Backsidethe (largest) german speaking snowboard carving forum, that brings together carvers virtually. There are online discussions and a calendar function to arrange mutual sessions. Exchange of stuff and a refinement of carving techniques were flourishing.

2007: In Januar 2009 a session at the Silvretta Nova took place. Riding during the day, barbeque at night on small, portable barbeque grills. Everybody was bringing local specialities from his part of the country.

Because of the fun during that session an idea was born. Let's bring carvers, manufacturers together, make a contest, show our sport to the public. The birth of the carving masters.


2008: On may 1st around 200 carvers and some brave manufacturers meet for the first carving masters. The team spirit was undescribeable. Boards and stuff was exchanged, tested, spare parts exchanged... the evening ended in the "BlaBla". With a contest (Who's carving the most insane) and an EarlyBird-Run the next morning the event is perfect.



2009: With a large party at the "Alm" and more than 300 participants everything gets a bit bigger. More courses, more side program, more manufacturers and deeper cuts in the slopes.



2010: The third round with the carving masters 20X. Around 300 participants and more manufacturers than the last year. The event is becoming an integral part of the carving scene.



2011: In the fourth edition, participants enjoy training and course offerings. 1:1 trainings were offered. The Carving-Contest was cancelled, because so many good carvers are riding on a high level / the differences are too small. The CM will be designed by those who participate themselves.



2012: The variety of courses will be expanded - a season end strongly influenced by the weather. "Thanks" to the foehn storm, some carvers climb on foot over the Rettenbach steep slope to the Schwarze Schneid summit station to pull the last carves of the winter.



2013: Carvers from all over the world enjoy courses offered by manufacturers from world-class riders like

– Andi Promegger
– Lukas Stähli
– Nevin Galmarini
– Ingemar Walder
– Daniel Hörig
– Georg Rabanser

More session, more riding together, more fun.



2014: in its usual place (Sölden) and thanks to the support of the manufacturers and numerous guests, this is now the season-closing classic. The pervasive weather transforms the downhill runs into school lessons that illustrates the limits of carving.

A little snow up front, but...

...nobody could hide.

All colours, boards, styles and nations represented at the Carving Masters...Great participants!


2015: Maximum fun through commitment of the participants. Less of an "organized" event. Commonality, driving fun and a relaxed atmosphere are in the foreground. The manufacturers continue to offer the latest material.

Perfect, more perfect, sunshine - thanks to so many happy people.


2016: With sunshine and the best snow conditions, the riders will ride and test what they can do. May 1st is new in the off-season, so the glacier is empty and a convivial atmosphere prevails. A real experience.

Happy faces at closing - dream conditions !



2017: This year with a slight change of location. The base had to move to Tiefenbach because of construction work, but that didn't spoil the fun and the event.
The participants were rewarded with great weather and deep snow skiing on the glacier.

Many thanks to the great participants - this time on the Tiefenbach glacier.

Happy people….happy Carving!

Off into the next winter - a small hike.


2018 - 10 years Carving Masters! It was rarely so empty at the end of the year, free for carvers. Smiling faces, good mood - Carving Masters was a great session at the end.

...the Rettenbach Glacier (World Cup slope) is rarely so empty in winter...


2019 - The re-arrival of winter and incredible deep-snow skiing on abandoned slopes and beside them. How good that there were powderguns for rent.
Finally a barbecue again, great atmosphere at a beautiful location in the forest.

1 May - Deep snow next to the piste at its best!
Barbecue evening together

Happy people in the snow…

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